The Anadarko Amendment

Greenpeace flotilla 04

The Anadarko Amendment states: that it is illegal to interfere with any structure or ship that is in an offshore area that is to be used in mining activities, with an exclusion zone of 500 meters.

This means that no matter what, we can no longer get any closer that 500 meters and fly our banners and flags in order to protest against deep-sea oil exploration. It is also has implications for the international rules of the road that are not clear. More information about the Amendment can be found at:

The flotilla is fully aware of the law and we intend to protest peacefully and safely. But we care what happens to our marine environment and coastlines. We will raise our voices loudly against deep-sea oil exploration and the law restricting our rights to protest at sea.

With our peaceful protest at sea, we intend to oppose deep-sea oil exploration from going ahead along our precious coastlines. Remember, the petrol at the pump is not going to get any cheaper no matter how much oil they pump up out of the ocean (it will be owned and exported by foreign companies), but as a country we carry all the risk

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