Enroute from Wellington to the flotilla renzezvous point

Slept like a log last night, my watch finished at midnight, my eyes closed and brain switched off
at 5 past. This morning I woke to us motoring because there was very little wind. But when I popped my head outside, right there only 15 miles across the water was the truly majestic Mount Taranaki with a ring of cloud at its base and a white cap. It looks like it has risen straight up out of the sea.

It was a beautiful site, and I was struck by how lucky we all are to live in such a place with mountains and coasts like we have, and what a responsibility we all have to look after it, love it and pass it on in good shape to those who come after.

Looking at the land from sea is a different perspective, everything looks closer, the distance from the coast to the mountain seems almost non existent, the land really looks like it is at the mercy of the sea, very vulnerable to what the sea wants to bring ashore.

It’s great to have James and Niamh from Otago on board. They are both in their twenties, part of the Oil Free Otago group, and will have Anadarko off their coast in February next year, after they have finished drilling for oil in the deep deep waters near here off the Raglan coast.

We have been talking lots, telling stories, getting to know each other, hearing why we have all decided that it is important to be here and to stand up and say no to this stupid choice to go looking for oil in our deepest waters.

The mountain has been our reference point all day as we sailed closer to Cape Egmont and Paratutu came clearly into view. We have been surrounded by sea birds all day even a few seals swam by lazily taking in who was new in the neighbourhood.

We have only seen a fishing boat, probably out of New Plymouth and can see on the horizon the outline of Baltazar’s sails so we are keeping each other company whilst we make our way.

We are making good time and expect to reach our rendezvous point with room to spare. It also looks like the weather gods are staying with us for the next days.

– Bunny on the SV Tiama

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