Infinity has arrived in the Pegasus Basin

Infinity is a fully equipped 36-meter sailing expedition vessel and was involved in the east cape flotilla which successfully confronted Petrobras in 2011. Currently on her way to Antarctica, Infinity is travelling via the east coast of the South Island to bear witness to the exploratory actions of Texan oil giant Anadarko which threaten our oil free seas.

This blog post is from the captain of Infinity, Clemens Oestreich and written on behalf of the whole crew.

Infinity has sailed for 8 days from Auckland and has just arrived 60 miles off the coast of Wellington to intercept the MV Duke, which is currently conducting seismographic research for the Texan company Anadarko. Our international crew of 16 passionate sailors spanning 10 nationalities is here to oppose the actions of the Duke and of the oil companies.

New Zealanders have been kept in the dark about the possibility of deep-sea oil drilling so close to their coast. We are here to raise awareness and to help bring an end to this risky practice.

Seismographic research entails setting off large underwater explosions in order to give a 3D map of the ocean floor and possible oil wells. The shock waves produced are known to harm marine mammals, which rely on sonar and sound to navigate, find food and communicate. The waters around this area are full of life; recently we have seen whales, a large group of seals and many birds, including albatrosses. The research is taking place in a known whale migratory area; the risk to these creatures cannot and will not be ignored.

The research required for the oil drilling is just the tip of the iceberg however, after setting off many explosions the oil companies will then prepare to drill to depths of up to 3000m in order to get to the oil. It is known and admitted by the NZ government that the country is ill equipped to deal with a major oil spill, as if any country can be fully equipped to deal with one…

The coastlines around New Zealand are full of life and pristine, the results of an oil spill would be devastating. We all know that oil companies state they are safe, but we have all seen how “safe” deep sea oil drilling is, of course referring to the catastrophic spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Infinity is here to represent our own views and the voices of others who rely on the seas for their way of life.

– Clemens

Infinity Crew in Auckland

The crew of the Infinity in Auckland

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