Otago protest announced to meet Anadarko drillship once again

After drilling a high risk deep sea well off Raglan, Anadarko’s drill-ship the Noble Bob Douglas is headed for Otago to begin exploratory deep sea oil drilling in the coming days.

Local group Oil Free Otago is heading out to show them that the people of the South Island are opposed to deep sea drilling and I’m taking Tiama down to join Oil Free Otago and set sail once again to protest against  the dangers that this deep sea drilling brings to our oceans and coastlines.

I took action against Petrobras when they wanted to drill off the east cape, I was a part of the Oil Free Seas flotilla that formed off Raglan in November to protest Anadarko’s first drilling in New Zealand waters and I am proud to again be able to show support for communities who are demanding a clean energy future and an end to deep sea drilling.

I’ll keep you updated here with news as the protest develops.

Here’s the full press release that’s just been put out by Oil Free Otago:

– Henk Haazen


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